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Canyoning in Aura

For thousands of years, water and ice have cut and blasted through the rock and created this adventurous canyon. Sheltered against wind and weather, and with water flow throughout the year, the canyon provides good conditions for a rich plant life. The river Aura has been regulated since 1919, and from 1965 has been "dry-laid". As a result, there is evenly low water flow, which allows us to walk in the canyon.

A nature experience without equals!

The challenges can be adapted to the individual on all our tours. Therefore, canyoning suits everyone. Both for children and youth, families, groups and adrenaline seeking persons. Whether it's rain or sun, canyoning is just as fun!

Attendance at Aurmo bus station. Here you will be equipped with full cover wetsuits, wetsocks, lifejackets and helmets. All you need to bring is an extra pair of shoes to use in the canyon (sneakers) and a shorts. From the bus stop we walk about 1.5 km before we go down into the canyon.

NB! You must wear your own shoes and shorts

It is recommended to bring a towel, change and if you are easily cold; woolen underwear to wear under the wetsuit as an extra insulating layer.


  • Local guide

  • 5 mm wetsuit

  • 3 mm wetsocks

  • Lifejaket

  • Helmet

Not included

  • Shoes

  • Shorts



1,5 - 4 hours



1-12 per guide



750 NOK per person

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